When Daddy’s Away…..

Kyle is gone to New York for a few days for work.  He’s taking the 30hr. train ride and will fly home.  He is going on a presite visit for next year’s mission trip.  It’s hard when he’s gone, but I manage to get through it.  We’ve had fun today.  I had to do a little stitching to the stuffed alligator. I would ask KJ why she tore her alligator, and the only answer I was ever able to get out of her was “because”.  Our parents as teachers educator, “Miss Lisa” came over which is always fun because it’s a new face for Kenedee to play with for an hour.  We also made our weekly trip to Target and did a little girl shopping. I bought some watercolor paints and Kenedee is loving them, I think she’ll have our entire fridge covered by the time Kyle gets home.  The Lord is really helping me with patience so far, which is something you really need with a 2 1/2 yr. old who likes to be very independant.  Although she can definitely test my patience at times, I absolutely adore her!


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