Kenedee’s “Best Friend”

Last night we had some friends over for dinner and hang out time (yes, we actually do socialize with people our own age, not just students).  They have a 3 yr old daughter, Shiloh, who Kenedee has become very fond of, in fact she says Shiloh is her best friend.  It is so adorable.  They played really well together, it was great for Kenedee because since she’s not in daycare she often doesn’t get a whole lot of time with other children except for at church on Sundays, which is where she met Shiloh.  It was so cute watching them because they’re both in that pretend play stage, so they played with the dollhouse, “cooked in the play kitchen”, “went shopping”. They had so much fun.  It was nice for Kyle and I because we actually had time to enjoy some adult conversation since the girls were playing so well together.

So adorable
So adorable

After about 15 min. Kenedee was shivering, lips were turning purple, however according to her she wasn’t cold. I think Shiloh could have stayed out there all night.


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