Embrace Nashville

Well, we are on our mission trip with the students this week and this is just an update of our first couple of days here.  We left Saturday morning and headed to a ropes course just outside of Nashville.  We finally found it after driving around for and hour and a half of searching, we were relying on our Google directions and ended up driving to a road that dead ended into a creek.  It was quite the experience, but we finally found the ropes course.  It was very challenging, but everyone did awesome. I was so proud of Kyle, he is terrified of heights, but he did the whole thing with me.  We stayed in a hotel that night and caught up with some friends that we have here in Nashville. On Sunday we arrived to CSM which is the organizations we are going through.  Our ministry work starts today. I am really excited to see how God is going to use us this week.  I think our students are going to do amazing.  As much as I miss being away from Kenedee, I think the Lord is going to use us in amazing ways this week.


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