Our 6th Anniversary


I can’t believe we’ve been married for six years!  It’s gone by so fast, the Lord has truly blessed our marriage so far.  This year Kyle decided to plan everything which was very nice for me, we didn’t exchange gifts, we just spent the whole day doing things.  We went out for breakfast in the morning, following that we went horseback riding. I had never gone before which was something that I’d always wanted to do. I was a little nervous at first, but really enjoyed myself, they even let our horses trot a little.  Following that we came home and relaxed, well I relaxed while Kyle mowed the lawn (typical Saturday duty).  After that, we went to a movie which is something we really don’t get to do very often.  Then, we went shopping down in the Loop which is kind of an eclectic shopping area here.  After that, we went and had a very nice dinner at a restaurant recommended to us, which was excellent.  Then, we went and had dessert at this place called The Chocolate Bar (it was family friendly).  Thanks to my parents, we were able to do all this, they kept Kenedee all day and night.  Next year will be my year to plan, hopefully it will measure up to this day.


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