Fun with Makenna

Okay, so my 6 yr. old niece is in town visiting from Florida, so she is spending most days with us while my brother is at work.  At first, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do, but it has been fun.  It’s been a little challenging at times because Makenna doesn’t always understand that Kenedee is only 2.  Kenedee has also had her rough times when it comes to sharing toys.  But, we’ve definitely had fun the last couple of days. Yesterday, they played hide and seek.  It was funny because Makenna would hide somewhere, and then Kenedee would go and hide in the exact same spot. It’s been nice for Kenedee to have somebody closer to her age to play with, as I’m sure she gets tired of Mommy and Daddy.

















Today, the girls played in the sprinkler, they had so much fun. Kenedee doesn’t really like it to be very high though, as long as it hits her below her face she’s good.


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